Launching a rocket? Don’t fire the boosters if you’re aimed the wrong direction.

It’s the same with brand & messaging. Eager to scale, many founders pour energy and cash into growth plans that are unclear and unfocused. That’s great, if you want to get to the wrong place fast.

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Chart a clear path with a detailed Growth Audit.

I’ve built the full funnel at agencies and two startups, including brand marketing, product marketing, and customer success teams. I know how to tell a consistent story at every customer interaction, and  I'll show you what’s working and what’s not  before you go all-in on your growth plans.

Here's what you'll get:

Honest Feedback Overall, how are things going?  I'll shoot you straight. 
Reality Check How do the founders’ perceptions align with what's really going on?
Competitive Perspective How does your story compare to your competitors’?
Touchpoint Review How do your website, emails, product messaging, and social channels align with your strategy?
Useful Ideas I won’t leave you high and dry, but will share several ideas for addressing problems I uncover.

Here's how it works:

Founder Deep Dive

First, we’ll set the baseline through discussion with the CEO and founders. What do you think you’re saying and how are you saying it?

Stakeholder Alignment

Then, I’ll chat one-on-one with key team members and customers to capture their understanding of your vision, brand, and messaging strategy. Does it lineup, or, where are the gaps?

Market Landscape Exploration

I’ll also dig into external factors, like market trends and key competitors to understand your current position. Is your brand differentiated and meaningful, or not so much?

Custom Journey Review

With this context, I’ll review your messaging across the customer journey (AARRR, in startup speak) and explore how consistently your key messages come through. Are you delivering the same powerful ideas with unified voice and personality?

Insight Session

At the end, I’ll share my honest and objective assessment, and share some key ideas for preparing your team for growth. I’ll provide a detailed doc for your reference, and leave plenty of time for discussion.

Chart Next Steps

With clarity on challenges and opportunities, your team will have the insights needed to implement a powerful messaging strategy. Even better, I’ll provide a list of followup projects I can drive to build on the foundation we’ve created together.

I'm ready. Are you?

Shoot me a note below, and I'll reach out in a day or two to get the ball rolling.

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