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Brand strategy & storytelling for B2B startups in search of their voice

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Everyone seems to have a completely different perception of what we’re doing.

— an actual, frustrated founder

Sound familiar? Every B2B startup has experienced the confusion that comes when external forces—the market, your competitors, your parents—define your story. As you grow, clarity & alignment (or lack thereof) in your brand and messaging will impact your ability to scale. But finding your voice is hard. The good news? You just met your vocal coach.

i've been here before

You've launched something great. Let's make sure the world hears about it.

Hey, I’m Patrick, and I’ve seen both ends of the funnel. I built the startup team at a 200-person ad agency, creating brands and plans for early-stage companies, then led customer success teams at two B2B startups, running a team of 8 along with $19 million in ARR.

This operational experience—coupled with the insight & creativity you’d expect from a brand strategist—gives me a unique perspective on how to scale and operationalize a brand. Unlike many brand folks, I've bought and sold B2B software, so I understand what you’re up against.

Clarity & alignment start with a solid brand strategy. Here's how we get there:

Distill Beliefs

What do you believe about the world that motivates & inspires your work? Truth is the foundation of a powerful story, so the first step is defining and distilling yours.

Discover Realities

Next, we’ll explore external factors, digging into the motivations of your audience, the tactics of the competition, existing brand perceptions, and overall market and cultural trends.

Develop Ideas

Then, building on your Beliefs and external Realities, we’ll craft a differentiated brand positioning statement that will become the foundation for your strategy.

Craft the Narrative

Finally, to bring your strategy to life, we’ll develop a map of the most important messages that will inform and inspire your team, your customers, and the market, imbued with your personality and voice.

How I Can Help

Bring clarity & alignment to your story.

A solid strategy will empower your team with the style and substance to connect with your audience. From a straightforward Growth Audit to deep-dives with you and your team, there are several ways for us to get there.

Growth Audit

As you invest in growth, how can you be sure your message is powerful and consistent across each of your channels? To find out, I’ll do a teardown of your current situation exploring both internal and external factors. In the end, I’ll provide an honest review + actionable recommendations for addressing the gaps in your strategy & messaging. Learn more & get started

Deliverables: Assessment & Briefing
Timeline: 1-2 weeks
Pricing: flat fee

Brand & Messaging Strategy

Equip your team, and your audience, with clear and powerful language about your offering. Through a mix of primary and secondary research, workshops with your team, and insight generation, this comprehensive process will distill the truth about your brand and convert it into a powerful set of tools that will bring clarity & alignment to your messaging.

Deliverables: Brand Belief Session, Audience, Competition, and Brand Assessment & Briefing, Positioning Statement, Brand Personality, Message Map
Timeline: ~8 weeks
Pricing: varies

Brand Ops

With your strategy in place, how do you make it real across each of your channels and throughout the funnel? I’ve built both ends of the funnel, from brand to marketing to customer success, and I can help your team operationalize your brand through art, copy, design, and campaign work.

Deliverables: varies, but may include sales collateral, drip flows, product launches, campaigns
Timeline: ongoing
Pricing: varies

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